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2009-03-10 13:19:19 by TheNumberOneGirl

I feel like such a noob. I finally caved and got an account... After about 4 years of loving this place, too O.o

You know what I think? Newgrounds needs a street team. I've realized that over half the people I know are unaware of this internet gem. It's kind of sad. There are too many people who have yet to discover how terrible YouTube is, am I right? :3

Anyway, yeah. MegaCon '09 was amazing, the NG booth made the entire convention in my opinion (and quite a few more). Publicity is good! I'm done talking, this post is basically useless anyway.


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2009-03-10 13:25:51

No offence, but your life only gets worse from this moment.

TheNumberOneGirl responds:

...if by "worse" you mean "more lame", then yeah, I can agree with that. -_-