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Entry #4

Orlando Anime Day

2010-01-04 18:19:59 by TheNumberOneGirl

I was tired of seeing my old post, so here's a new one. I've been working out some kinks in my art lately. Loooots of sketching and toying with Photoshop. Maybe sometime soon I'll have a few samples up. In the meantime, I'm working on being anatomically correct. art, not ME.

Anyway, I've booked my first artist alley booth for Orlando Anime Day, so I'll be sketching/inking/coloring for moneyz, FINALLY. I'll be selling some prints as well, so.. if you're around Orlando on Jan. 30th, stop by the Ramada Orlando Celebration Resort & Convention Center (between 10am and 6pm) and buy some stuff. Or just look. But we'll hate you for it. Just sayin'.


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